Best UK Web Hosting Companies

Rank Provider Price Disk Space Bandwidth Domain Review Sign Up
1 webhostingukcom
£2.29 5GB Unmetered FREE Review Sign Up
2 uk2net
£1.00 Unmetered Unmetered FREE Review Sign Up
3 Pickaweb
£2.49 5GB 30GB £6.50 Review Sign Up
£2.78 2GB Unmetered FREE Review Sign Up
£1.25 500MB 5GB FREE Review Sign Up

For example, Google UK will index sites that have a .uk domain or hosting on a UK based server. Search Engine Optimization is about putting several important factors (header text, outbound and inbound links, title text, etc.) together to improve your rankings. Geographic reach is one of them.

What is more, choosing UK web hosting you provide some customer-tailored services for your potential clients. Such services are unique for each country e-markets. Thus, you meet the requirements of your customers making their experience with your site pleasant and convenient. Everything just to make them return again and again.

UK Hosting Reviews

Looking for UK hosting plan we want to have or domain name. However, sometimes you may be offered such name with the hosting server located in Germany. This is not so great for your business. It is even better to have .com domain located in the UK. Of course, the ideal solution is to get domain with the web hosting company located in the UK. You may think to get .com domain to transfer it to lately. However, such solution may even harm your website if it has a strong reputation and plenty of back links. Thus, you need to choose the most preferred domain name and UK hosting company at once.

We offer you the reviews of the most trustworthy and popular UK hosting sites with their plans offered. Read what things are necessary for your project and which are useless. Choose among various types of hosting including shared, VPS, eCommerce or dedicated hosting. All of them have their advantages and drawbacks and your task is to decide what things are necessary for you.

Cheap Web Hosting

Choosing among various web hosting plans you need to know the size of your project, your aims and the money you are going to spend on it. Set your budget and try to choose UK hosting plan that is adequate your needs. Of course, the cheapest hosting is shared hosting. In this case your site will be hosted on the same server with several other sites. Such solution can be appropriate for small static sites. With such type of UK hosting you will get limited disk space, limited bandwidth and some basic features to appreciate.

For sure, we can enumerate the drawbacks of such hosting plans in comparison with dedicated server hosting. However, shared hosting is quite cheap and can be the best solution for those who only start their small web site to taste waters. With various options to choose from you can find really appropriate package for your project.

We also offer you the best solutions for dedicated and virtual hosting plans. Compare features and prices to decide whether you really need them for your business. Note that some web hosting companies allow you to upgrade without extra cost spent.

WordPress UK Hosting

Being one of the most popular content management systems, WordPress allows you to install many scripts within one click. WordPress UK hosting provides you with a wide range of plugins and most of them can be used for free. It helps you to create a great-looking web site easily. You can choose among various third-party themes as well as to create your own design according to your needs and preferences. With a great community and plenty of tutorials, WordPress hosting can be the best solution for beginners.

Choosing the best UK hosting for WordPress you also should pay attention to such things as availability of MySQL, Apache and PHP. All these help you to create, manage and maintain your web site. You also can look for Cpanel control panel that allows you to install various features within one click.

Joomla UK Hosting

Professional customer support is a must for decent web hosting company. Joomla hosting requires no skills or some extraordinary experience. However, there always can be some questions and in this case a network support can be the best solution. Application bridges, data reporting, reservation systems, inventory control, communication tools as well as business directories. All these are necessary to create a web page. All these are available with Joomla UK hosting. You also can upgrade using more sophisticated extensions provided by Joomla. Usually they are also free.

Joomla modules allow you to render web pages quickly without much effort. You can choose between two types of Joomla templates – back-end and front templates. These two templates are controlled and modified by their creators. To create their own templates with PHP, HTML or CSS is also possible for Joomla web hosts.

Drupal UK Hosting

The knowledge of some core applications and design is a must to customize the site with Drupal UK hosting. Core Drupal development can be the best choice for creating basic or static websites. However, with access to the high functioning options of UK hosting for Drupal you can create more sophisticated websites that will impress with their functionality and design.

Choosing Drupal web hosting you should pay attention to such option as whether a Web Server can execute PHP scripts. Look for Apache that is the best choice. However, Microsoft’s IIS can also be used. MySQL or PostgreSQL are also necessary for your successful project.

Magento UK Hosting

Deciding to start eCommerce site you should look for Magento UK hosting. Being an open source eCommerce solution, this content management system provides you with complete control over functionality of your store. With various catalogue-management and search engine optimisation tools, Magento UK hosting can be the best choice for your business requirements. Store setup and configuration, premium custom theme design, store/product migration, Magento professional installation and tuning as well as custom extension development. This is not the full list of the features and services provided by UK hosting for Magento.

Magento provides you with such shopping carts as osCommerce and ZenCart that allows you to customise your online store easily. You can update content, appearance and functionality of your site as well as to reach your customers. With various marketing promotions and such features as Order Management tool, Catalogue Management tool, Multi-address shipping you can create user-friendly and easy-to-navigate web site.

Cpanel UK Hosting

Being on of the most popular control panels, Cpanel is provided by most trustworthy UK hosting companies allows you to create a website from a scratch. With Cpanel you usually get free galleries, free blogs as well as free ecommerce tools. Cpanel control panel includes Fantastico scripts that allow you to perform all the necessary features to create a new website or add new application.

With the help of Fantastico scripts provided with Cpanel UK hosting you can install software, create tables in a database, modify web server configuration files as well as adjust permissions within one click. Even if you have no vast experience in web developing, Cpanel control panel will be the best solution for you. There are above 50 applications available with Fantastico to make your web site. The most popular among them are various content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, b2evolution, Drupal, etc.), shopping cart software, blogs, Wikies, photo sharing.

VPS UK Hosting

VPS UK hosting is available when the host has multiple virtual servers on a single physical server. Thus, this type of hosting is quite similar to dedicated hosting when you have high performance, freedom of accessibility and privacy. If compare with shared hosting, VPS UK hosting is more expensive. However, this time you will have a virtual server that is absolutely independent from other virtual servers. It allows you to avoid influence and harmful affect of other sites on your virtual server. You will have enough bandwidth, memory, CPU and disk space.

In other words, UK hosting for VPS is much stable than shared hosting and cheaper than dedicated hosting. VPS hosting also provides you with more flexibility concerning the operating system to choose and software to run. You will have the complete control over your server.

Unlimited UK Hosting

Unlimited UK hosting plans provide you with all the necessary features to create and maintain not only one web site. Unlimited disk space and unlimited MySQL databases can be useless if you want to host a small static site. If your aim is to create various websites or concentrate on one huge project, unlimited hosting plan can be the best choice. It is always better to choose the hosting plan that provides you with more things than you need just right now. It allows you to save time when you decide to upgrade and as a rule, you will get all the necessary things at once.

Unlimited UK hosting plans also provide you with the opportunity to host unlimited domains within 1 hosting account. Usually, you can host from 1 to 5 domains. This time there are no limits in your projects to develop.

Unlimited bandwidth is another thing to consider. Bandwidth is like energy necessary for your web site to perform well. When the number of visitors increases you need more energy to run your web site smoothly. Unlimited bandwidth allow you to provide great performance notwithstanding the quantity of visitors you have.

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