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10 High Quality Mobile Themes For WordPress

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Accessing Internet from a mobile device has recently become an ordinary thing. So, mobile technologies are a good and quite new market niche. You can make a blog with gadget reviews, app information, or even create a mobile eCommerce shop. In any case, you will need a good website. And, what is critically important, this website has to work with mobile devices well.

What You Need to Know about Mobile Websites

There are many important features a mobile website should have. However, probably the most critical point is that your website is responsive. It means the screen width and the whole website will be adjusted according to your visitors’ devices. Also, it’s important to add social sharing buttons to your mobile website. This will attract many new customers, as mobile users are more social-friendly.

Of course, you should pay a lot of attention to the content of your web project. The best advise for mobile website designers would be, probably, to make brief and factful texts. Mobile users like browsing quickly, so big amounts of content will be ignored. Also, resize pictures before uploading them to your website — this will reduce the visitors’ traffic.

Choose WordPress for a Mobile Website

Choose WordPress for a Mobile Website

Obviously, the easiest way to create a mobile website is to use a Content Management System. These systems, also called CMS, help you make a website from scratch. You only need to install special software to your web hosting, choose a website theme, and voilá! The site is ready for running. Another advantage of CMSs is that you can create a website yourself, without involving pricey specialists.

In terms of mobile websites, we’d advise you to use WordPress platform. Originally created for blogs, today this CMS has gained great popularity, and lets you easily create almost any type of website. To create a mobile website you will only need to install WP software, and choose a mobile theme you like. Thereafter, you can opt for the tools you need, and build the website itself.

10 Great WordPress Themes for Mobile Sites

So, how can you choose a mobile theme for WordPress? There are quite many of them, so it’s good to try some trusted options. That’s why we have created a list of 10 great mobile themes for WordPress platform. Note that all themes in our list are really good, and it’s quite hard to decide, which one is better and which one is not. So, try to choose the theme that will fit your requirements. And don’t forget that some themes on the list are paid, though some are not.

1. Avada Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Theme

This great theme lets you benefit from its numerous features and tools. Responsive design and high flexibility make Avada theme a great choice for your mobile website. Unlimited colours, lots of fonts, 11 special widgets, many layout options — this is only a small part of numerous advantages of Avada. Try it, and your users will certainly like this theme.

Avada Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Theme

2. iKon WordPress Mobile Theme

A pure mobile theme created exclusively for iPhone and Android devices. Good news is that you can install this theme for mobile users of your website, and run it along with desktop theme. Here are some exciting features of iKon WordPress theme: ready for translation; social sharing icons included; image autoresizer and ajax contact page.

iKon WordPress Mobile Theme

3. Blocked Responsive WordPress Theme

Apart form being responsive and having good design, Blocked WP theme can offer you other exciting features. You will certainly love its built-in layout designer allowing to embody your own website vision. Moreover, at Blocked every layout option can be finely adjusted to your requirements. Truly, this theme is designed with unbelievable attention to details!

Blocked Responsive WordPress Theme

4. My Mobile Page V3 WordPress Theme

One of the beast things you get with this WP Mobile theme is its custom Ajax admin page. Idle administration of your mobile website will be even more pleasant with smart responsive layout of My Mobile Page V3. Also, this theme has a special feature that lets you use it along with a desktop theme without much setup.

iPhonesta Free WordPress Theme

5. Chameleon Responsive Business WordPress Theme

A strange name for a business-targeted theme, ain’t it? However, its features prove that the name is really adequate. In Chameleon WordPress Theme you get a lot of colour combinations, patterns and design variants. Moreover, you’ll get a lot of features to adjust the way you need. All-in-all, this is a perfect theme for business — it’s easy to use, has sophisticated design and possesses many important functions.

Chameleon Responsive Business WordPress Theme

6. Stacker Responsive WordPress Theme

Stacker WordPress theme is fully responsive and easy to configure. Its key features include Flexslider, working Ajax contact form, 5 convenient page templates, over 11 shortcodes, etc. Moreover, the theme is quite new, so the design will also please your website visitors.

Stacker Responsive WordPress Theme

7. Carrington Free WordPress Theme

This minimalist theme has straight design and a lot of important features. With it you will easily create custom templates for posts, categories and comments. Another special thing is that Carrington gives you a great chance to improve the layout of every page. With this theme your visitors will surely feel comfortable browsing through your pages.

Carrington Free WordPress Theme

8. Simple Mobile WordPress Theme

The name of this WP theme speaks for itself. It is really easy to use and to setup. Apart from 8 design options, you’ll also get a PSD file included into purchase package at $8 only! 40+ social sharing buttons will help you make great promotion of your mobile website. HTML, CSS and JavaScript will ensure great functioning and looks for your Simple Mobile website.

Simple Mobile WordPress Theme

9. iPhonesta Free WordPress Theme

iPhonesta is another purely mobile WP theme. However, it has many important and really convenient features. First of all, its XHTML compliant markup is SEO-friendly. Also, this theme is compatible with WprdPress 3.0. Iphonesta was tested by many mobile users, and they claim it works well with touchscreen devices and many popular apps.

My Mobile Page V3 WordPress Theme

10. Möbius Free WordPress Theme

This dark theme has quite interesting design and many must-have features. Its 3 skins can work with most mobile platforms: Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian, etc. The sidebar of this free mobile theme is designed to function organically with any widget you need. Social sharing buttons for Twitter and Facebook are also included, which is important for a mobile website.

Möbius Free WordPress Theme

How to Install a Mobile WordPress Theme?

So, now you’ve probably chosen a nice mobile theme. But how can you install it? No worries — it’s easy as a pie! You just need to go to your WordPress admin page, and choose the Appearance > Themes category. There you can choose the Install Theme tab, and type the name of the theme you need. Or, if it’s not on the list, choose the Upload submenu to install a theme from a previously downloaded .zip archive.

Hopefully, this article did a good job, and now you are more familiar with WordPress mobile websites and themes. Don’t hesitate to start a mobile web project, and use our tips to make it successful. Good luck, and stay tuned!

Best Blog Themes for WordPress

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

Do you want your blog to be incredibly beautiful? WordPress can help you with it. If you still haven’t tried it, you should. This is an extremely convenient content management system that was, actually, created for blogs. WordPress gives you all necessary tools for managing a website without any problems — good administration page, numerous plugins and fantastically beautiful designs.

WordPress Themes for Blogs

As we have already said, WordPress was created for blogs, so this platform is your lucky strike. To create a good blog you just need to choose a good theme, and install it to your hosting-based WordPress software. By the way, for your WordPress to run perfectly well, check also our list of best uk hosting sites. After you do it, choose the instruments and modules you need, and assemble them into a whole website system.

How to Choose a WordPress Theme?

You can find a lot of WordPress themes on the web. Some of them are created for blogs, other are good for eCommerce websites or photo galleries. There are so many of them that you can even get lost between their designs, available features and other important properties. That’s why we have created a list of best WordPress themes workingHow to Choose a WordPress Theme? with blogs. But let it come a bit later.

What about the features? Well, with WordPress you can do a lot: choose a 1-, 2- or 3-column version of the website, add links to social networks, blog calendar, sticky stripe, and a lot more. Another important thing about WordPress is that you use various plugins that will not only help you manage the website, but also promote it well in search engines.

Finally, don’t forget about the design. Being the most popular blog platform, WordPress regularly gets nice presents from its fans. You will always find some fresh themes with extremely modern design that will really impress your readers. Also, note that many WordPress themes are free of charge. However, some top-class themes are paid, but don’t cost really much.

So, finally, meet our chart of Best WordPress Blog Themes!

  1. Smart Start (Responsive)
  2. Flexible (Responsive)
  3. Modernize
  4. TRIM (Responsive)
  5. SmartStart WP (Responsive HTML5)
  6. inFocus
  7. Alphine
  8. Construct (Responsive)
  9. Scope
  10. BigFeature
  11. GoodSpace
  12. Black Aperture
  13. FoodPress
  14. The Blog
  15. Easy

Best WordPress Blog Themes

You have probably noticed that some themes in our list are marked “Responsive”. This is an important feature that makes your site flexible and adjustable to different screen widths. It’s extremely important if you know that your potential readers will use mobile devices. For instance, if your blog is dedicated to gadgets and hi-tech devices, a responsive WordPress theme is a must.

So, we hope that you’ve found some interesting and useful information in this article. Now you have all keys for creating a topnotch blog. All you need is to choose a theme, and stat writing! Good luck!

Top 20 One Column WordPress Themes

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Try Best WordPress Themes

How To Use WordPress Themes?

Today, in the times of hi-tech available for anyone, you can do almost anything. Even create a sites yourself. You only need to purchase the hosting you like, and install a CMS platform. The CMS platform works like a constructor — you choose the modules you need, and unite them into a whole system. This way you can create a nice website really fast and without any problems.

One of the most popular CMS platforms is WordPress. Most users like it for easy controls, numerous themes and a lot of functional plugins. After installing WordPress you’ll need only a couple of clicks to select a theme for your future web site. You can find a lot of options for different purposes — for eCommerce, blogs, photo galleries, news portals, etc.

How to Choose One Column WordPress Themes?

One of the most popular WordPress Theme Types is One Column Theme. This means the main part of every page on your site will consist of only one block. However, you can fill this block with different content. This can be text, photos, videos, link blocks, widgets, and a lot more. The opportunities you get with One Column WordPress Themes are almost endless. Just be creative!

Normally, one column themes are used for blogs, photo galleries and promo sites. So, if you are planning to create this kind of site, you should pay special attention to one column WordPress themes. Anyway, the imagination has no limits, and you can even find online shops working in one column format. If you like a certain one column theme, you can always adjust it to your demands.

Get Best One Column Themes for WordPress

If you browse the web you can find a lot of One Column WordPress Theme offers. They are available at the official WordPress web site, at numerous theme galleries, and in lots of thematic blogs. However, when you’ll start the search, you’ll see that there are so many one column themes that it’s really hard to make the final choice.

That’s why we have created a chart of Best One Column WordPress Themes for you:

Top 20 1 Column WordPress Themes?

  1. Paralax
  2. Tungstenation
  3. Satoshi
  4. Imbalance
  5. Wootique
  6. Minimatica
  7. Responsive
  8. Shuttershot
  9. MyCorp
  10. Stilbruch
  11. Vostok
  12. Manifest
  13. Balita
  14. Blissful Blog
  15. Trending
  16. Melville
  17. Minimo
  18. Grid Portfolio
  19. Spectacular
  20. Pinboard

You can be sure that any of these themes is reliable and has all important functions. As we have already mentioned above, most of one column themes are good for blogs and photo galleries. However, be original, and try to make a special site based this format. You can afford it with the numerous theme functions and thousands of useful WordPress plugins.

Also, notice that many of the themes on the list are responsive. This means they can adjust to different screen widths. This is quite important in the modern world of numerous mobile devices. And don’t forget that some WordPress Themes are free, and some are paid. However from among One Column WordPress Themes you can find a lot of those you don’t need to pay for.

Why Choose UK Web Hosting?

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Why Choose UK Web Hosting?

Today the market is full of interesting hosting offers. Many companies suggest you to purchase hosting on servers based in the UK. Choosing this option is reasonable for many cases. First of all, when you buy best UK hosting, it will make your site easier to find for local users. This means that if your company is based in the UK, search engines will give priority to UK-based web sites including your one.

Also, purchasing a UK server is very good in terms of safety. UK-based servers are commonly approved as very reliable. However, web host companies that work in the UK will also charge you a bit more compared to providers located in other European countries or in the US. Anyway, the advantages you get by purchasing a UK-based server have much bigger value, so do not hesitate, and follow our tips to get a nice hosting package.

UK Web Hosting – Choose the Type

Before making any purchases, you have to decide, which package to order. First of all, choose from three most common package types: UK Shared Hosting, UK VPS Hosting and UK Dedicated Hosting. The necessary type of package depends on the needs of your project. If you have a start-up, UK Shared Hosting will be enough. However, if your site has already been running for quite a while, you’ll have to shift to UK VPS or UK Dedicated packages.

After choosing the type of the package, you’ll have to decide on the operating system. Two most popular offers in the UK market are Linux and Windows. The systems work with different database types, and have many different points that will influence the development of your project a lot. Before choosing the operating system it’s worth turning to an expert that will manage your site and its development.

Make a Chart

UK Web Hosting

After you have chosen two key characteristics of your future hosting package, create a kind of chart with offers of different UK-based web host companies. Than you can sort this chart by price or by technical properties of suggested servers. As a result, you could make up a list of about 20 providers that offer the type of hosting you need at a reasonable price, or with good specifications.

Check Reliability

It is very important that your web hosting not only has good properties, but also functions well. For this we advise you to check the reliability of the companies in your chart. This is quite easy – just look for online reviews of correspondent UK companies, or check several specialized forums. This will add another criterion to your chart, so as a result you can get, say, a Top-10 list of reliable companies offering UK hosting with good price and service package.

Look for Discounts

Finally, it is always worth looking for discounts or promo codes. Many web host companies spread special combinations of symbols that give you a discount. You can find these codes at specialized web sites or forums – just browse the web, and be a bit patient. If you get the coupon, even the company on the 3rd place in your chart may become the 1st due to a serious discount. So, good luck with your search, and may your project grow into something really big – not only in the UK, but all over the world!

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