Best Blog Themes for WordPress

Do you want your blog to be incredibly beautiful? WordPress can help you with it. If you still haven’t tried it, you should. This is an extremely convenient content management system that was, actually, created for blogs. WordPress gives you all necessary tools for managing a website without any problems — good administration page, numerous plugins and fantastically beautiful designs.

WordPress Themes for Blogs

As we have already said, WordPress was created for blogs, so this platform is your lucky strike. To create a good blog you just need to choose a good theme, and install it to your hosting-based WordPress software. By the way, for your WordPress to run perfectly well, check also our list of best uk hosting sites. After you do it, choose the instruments and modules you need, and assemble them into a whole website system.

How to Choose a WordPress Theme?

You can find a lot of WordPress themes on the web. Some of them are created for blogs, other are good for eCommerce websites or photo galleries. There are so many of them that you can even get lost between their designs, available features and other important properties. That’s why we have created a list of best WordPress themes workingHow to Choose a WordPress Theme? with blogs. But let it come a bit later.

What about the features? Well, with WordPress you can do a lot: choose a 1-, 2- or 3-column version of the website, add links to social networks, blog calendar, sticky stripe, and a lot more. Another important thing about WordPress is that you use various plugins that will not only help you manage the website, but also promote it well in search engines.

Finally, don’t forget about the design. Being the most popular blog platform, WordPress regularly gets nice presents from its fans. You will always find some fresh themes with extremely modern design that will really impress your readers. Also, note that many WordPress themes are free of charge. However, some top-class themes are paid, but don’t cost really much.

So, finally, meet our chart of Best WordPress Blog Themes!

  1. Smart Start (Responsive)
  2. Flexible (Responsive)
  3. Modernize
  4. TRIM (Responsive)
  5. SmartStart WP (Responsive HTML5)
  6. inFocus
  7. Alphine
  8. Construct (Responsive)
  9. Scope
  10. BigFeature
  11. GoodSpace
  12. Black Aperture
  13. FoodPress
  14. The Blog
  15. Easy

Best WordPress Blog Themes

You have probably noticed that some themes in our list are marked “Responsive”. This is an important feature that makes your site flexible and adjustable to different screen widths. It’s extremely important if you know that your potential readers will use mobile devices. For instance, if your blog is dedicated to gadgets and hi-tech devices, a responsive WordPress theme is a must.

So, we hope that you’ve found some interesting and useful information in this article. Now you have all keys for creating a topnotch blog. All you need is to choose a theme, and stat writing! Good luck!

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