Best Drupal UK Hosting Companies

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1 webhostingukcom
£2.29 5GB Unmetered FREE Review Sign Up
2 uk2net
£1.00 Unmetered Unmetered FREE Review Sign Up
3 Pickaweb
£2.49 5GB 30GB £6.50 Review Sign Up
£2.78 2GB Unmetered FREE Review Sign Up
£1.25 500MB 5GB FREE Review Sign Up

If cool website with sophisticated database and plenty of features available is your aim, Drupal hosting can be the best solution. Being one of the best Content Management Systems to create eCommerce, blog or corporate sites, Drupal provides you with all the necessary options to create really impressive project. Today most UK hosting providers offer you special scripts that allow you to autoinstall Drupal within one click. Thus, no extra skills are required to install this CMS. However, some knowledge in web developing is a must for your successful project with Drupal UK hosting.

Drupal is an easy to install platform that provides you with a wide range of features including multiple user collaboration, social networking, blogs, forums and multiple sites management. Drupal is powerful enough to manage any type of project. What is more, Drupal is more powerful than Joomla or WordPress. The only thing to consider choosing this type of UK hosting is your skills or the professionalism of your staff.

Drupal Host Reviews

To choose the best Drupal host is not a simple task. With such a great variety of offers in this field you need to rely on the reviews of other customers as well as the choice of professionals. Note that Drupal is based on Linux installation and runs on PHP with MySQL databases provided. Look for the web host that provides you with such features. Depending on the size and aims of your project you can choose between various hosting packages provided such as shared hosting, VPS hosting or dedicated hosting.

You also should consider the number of MySQL databases required, disk space, bandwidth and number of web sites you want to host. Today most Drupal UK hosting companies offer you unlimited plans. However, don’t be in a hurry and learn all the necessary details at first. Of course, such unlimited packages seems to be attractive, but maybe all these features are useless for you.

Drupal Blog Hosting

To create a blog is simple, however, more and more customers want to use advanced Drupal to create something really impressive. Anyway, Drupal is not only about blogging and can be used for upgrading your web project in the future. To know HTML and CSS as well as the basic principles to write PHP programs is a must for those who want to take advantage of Drupal.

The beginners will appreciate a wide range of themes and templates if can’t create their own. Most of them are free of charge. Look through various Drupal related forums to learn more about this CMS. Try to create your own templates as well.

If you want to create and manage several blogs at once, Drupal UK hosting can help you a lot. It is easy to manage system that allows you to change settings or templates within the single centralized database that will influence other blogs as well.

Personal Blog Host

To host your personal blog you need to find the cheapest Drupal hosting plan. Try to avoid signing up for free blog. It can be quite risky. Just imagine creating your blog for a long while and then find it deleting without any warning. Those who want to prevent such problems should choose the reliable web host to get their own domain.

Drupal is written in PHP so it works better with Linux server. Try to choose Drupal UK hosting with Cpanel. This control panel is easy-to-use allowing you to install various scripts within one click. It also offers you to take advantage of Fantastico that provides you with a wide range of scripts such as blogs, forums, emails, FTP accounts, etc.

And of course, let’s not forget about the customer support provided by the web host you have chosen. It should be fast and friendly. And not only before you make your payment. Check the customer support asking several useless questions or call them at night. You also should look for the reviews of other customers to make your own opinion.

Corporate Blog Host

Among the various popular CMS, Drupal remains to be the best for huge corporate solutions. With Drupal you can manage the entire website as well as various websites within a single centralized database. Multimedia, documentation management, permission capabilities, social networking or SSL. All these work perfectly with Drupal providing you with remarkable add-on functionality.

As we have mentioned above, Fantastico that is available with Cpanel saves you from agony of installing, uninstalling and changing various scripts to create and manage your website. However, anyway to do your best with Drupal you need some web programming skills. Otherwise, you won’t take advantage of all the best features available.

Drupal eCommerce Hosting

Secure data and money transactions are the first things you should guarantee for your potential customers. Choosing Drupal eCommerce hosting you need to pay attention to such features as SSL certificate and dedicated IP address. Sometimes these features are already included in the hosting plan you have chosen. Sometimes you need to pay extra fee for obtaining them.

SSL is a tool that increase your security. When the user submits his or her personal data to the hosting server, all this information is encrypted by SSL protocol. There are shared SSL and private SSL. They slightly differ in security protection issues. The whole thing is about reputation when the customers see that you own your SSL certificate and the price that is much higher for private SSL. Everything depends on your budget and the project you want to create.

Drupal Portal Hosting

With various templates, codes and configuration, Drupal needs a web developer who knows how to take advantage of all these things. However, even beginners can spend some time and learn the basic things to create the best blog portal ever… if compare with their previous experience. Today choosing Linux based Drupal hosting you will also get cPanel. This control panel allows you to perform many tasks easily. You can manage domains, create MySQL databases, manage email accounts, use FTP, back up your sites, redirect URLs, manage passwords or manage cron jobs easily. Just some practice, patience, consistency and useful tips from Drupal forum help you a lot.

Online Communities

With the above mentioned features, Drupal hosting allows you to create and manage online communities easily. Attract new users with amazing design created with the help of various Drupal templates available on the Web for free. Make your web portal easy to access and search, setting all the necessary features required. Allow your visitors to upload photos or videos easily to share their emotions or useful information. Spend some time to create really useful web site with amazing features to enjoy so that your potential customers want to come back again. Drupal hosting provides you with all the necessary features for this. Your task is to use them to the utmost.

Content Projects

If compare various popular CMS such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, Drupal is considered to be the best solution for huge web sites with plenty of content to manage such as videos, photos or forums. Anyway, more and more people prefer Drupal to manage small personal blogs or static websites that include several pages only as well as large portals with huge network and constantly updated content. Apart from other CMS, Drupal web hosting can be a good solution for any type of project you want to create notwithstanding its size or aims.

Online Magazines

If your dream is to create an online magazine about the theme you are passionate about you will need to create a web site with constantly updated content. Easy-to-manage tools and scripts help you to save time for writing and investigating on the topic you are interested in. Drupal can provide you with all the required features. Of course, if you have already had some experience in web programming or have enough time to learn the basics.

Apart from publications that should be inspirational and published on regular basis you also need to have subscribers. The more, the better. To increase their number you should create your own database and distribute your own newsletter. Use special tools provided by Drupal that allows you to manage email accounts and autoresponders easily to have more time for your creative part of work.

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