Best Joomla UK Hosting Companies

Rank Provider Price Disk Space Bandwidth Domain Review Sign Up
1 webhostingukcom
£2.29 5GB Unmetered FREE Review Sign Up
2 uk2net
£1.00 Unmetered Unmetered FREE Review Sign Up
3 Pickaweb
£2.49 5GB 30GB £6.50 Review Sign Up
£2.78 2GB Unmetered FREE Review Sign Up
£1.25 500MB 5GB FREE Review Sign Up

Joomla is one of the most popular open content management systems today. It can be used for creating any type of web site you want – personal blog, huge corporate websites, forums, online communities and eCommerce sites. With over 6,000 extensions and user-friendly point-and-click interface, Joomla has enough to offer you.

The quality of Joomla CMS is unquestionable, the other thing is web hosting provider to trust your web projects to. Today web hosts offer you to install Joomla within one click using their control panels. All the necessary features and scripts are already included into your hosing account and all you need is to install it and start working on your web project at once.

Joomla Host Reviews

What are the things to pay attention to choosing the most appropriate Joomla hosting plan? First of all, you need to set your budget and the size of your site. Considering these two things you can choose shared hosting, VPS hosting or dedicated hosting with Joomla. If you want to create some small static web site, 10GB disk space will be enough. As a rule, affordable shared Joomla hosting plans are enough for such project. If you want to create something bigger with more visitors you need to choose between VPS and dedicated hosting.

The other thing is to choose secure Joomla hosting. Of course, most things depend on the hosting provider you have chosen, however shared hosting plans are considered to be the worse if we are talking about security. Being hosted on the same server with plenty of other sites, your web site can be affected by some bad neighbourhood. For example, web sites that send spam can be banned. Note that not a single web site, but IP address will be banned and it may take time till your host fix all the things. So, if security issues are the most important for you, choose Joomla hosting plan with dedicated IP address.

Joomla Blog Hosting

To create a blog with Joomla is quite easy. It allows you to create a large blog for your business or small sites. With various plugins and themes to use you can create a great website spending little time. Create nice design, separate your content into categories paying attention to the usability of your web site. You can take advantage of such free Joomla components as application bridges, reservation systems, product catalogs, data reporting, communication tools, inventory control as well as business directories. There are also various paid Joomla extensions you can upgrade your website with.

Personal Blog Host

You can find affordable Joomla blog hosting solutions for your personal blog if you want to create something for your free time or to taste waters in the world of online writing. You don’t need to have some technical skills or deep knowledge in web programming. With a great network and support you will also find answers on any questions.

With two kinds of Joomla templates such as back-end and front templates you can be sure that your website will look and work great. What is more, these templates are always modified by their creators to provide you with better performance. You also can create your own templates with Joomla. Just use PHP, CSS or HTML to make your site unique.

Corporate Blog Host

Joomla hosting can be a good solution for large corporate blogs. As a rule, such blogs are a part of great website dedicated to the whole company. You need more advanced features to appreciate and Joomla hosting plans provide you with them. More disk space, more MySQL databases as well as email accounts are guaranteed. We offer you to read the reviews and tips to choose the options that are really important for your project.

Deciding to create such a large project you can choose between VPS or dedicated Joomla hosting. In this case you need to define the amount of disk space you need and RAM necessary for your web site to work smoothly. Depending on such features the price of your Joomla hosting will vary. These both types of hosting plans provide you with dedicated IP that guarantees security and protection from bad neighbourhood. If you choose dedicated hosting you will also be able to configure your web site on your own or choose managed hosting plan as well. Read more about the best Joomla hosting solutions in our comprehensive reviews.

Joomla eCommerce Hosting

If your dream is to create a large online shop that will bring you a lot of profits as well as to provide high quality service for your potential customers, Joomla hosting can help you a lot. With various tools and features you can create a great website to provide high quality service to your customers and make profits as well.

Choose among shopping carts available, guarantee secure data and money transactions with private SSL certificate and private IP address included into your Joomla eCommerce hosting. Or just start small online shop with the cheapest hosting provided to upgrade in the future.

If you want to create some large project you can collect and analyse data about your customers and the products they buy. Such analysis can help you to provide them with relevant promotions while they are browsing your online shop. What is more, most of these tasks can be done automatically. All you need is to follow the tips offered and perform your promotional campaign accordingly.

Your visitors must be sure that their private data submitted such as name, address, credit card details, is secure. In this case to choose a reliable Joomla hosting can be the most important step in your web site creating. Read the reviews and opinions of other people who have already tried some or another hosting company we offer you. Our reviews as well as opinions of other people help you to make the right choice in a wide range of offers online.

Joomla Portal Hosting

To create a huge portal you need more options to consider. If you expect more traffic and want to create something really breathtaking, shared Joomla hosting can be excluded from your list of offers to look through. Everything is because of various features being shared with other sites. It is not a big deal if you want to create a small web site or a personal blog, but if the quantity of visitors increase you can experience downtime quite often that may lead to losses. The losses of your potential customers quantity as well as your time to fix the problems quickly.

Online Communities

Choosing some niche to create a site you may want to create an online forum to attract more visitors to your site. Joomla has enough power to create and maintain large project that includes various forums with video or photo sharing. Let your visitors find something interesting and useful in your website and forums just make your site more social. Sometimes to communicate is the first thing people are striving for online and your task is to provide the best features for it.

Online Magazines

Online magazine needs constantly updated content with plenty of regular visitors. Of course, there can be not so many visitors at the beginning, however, you need to think about it choosing the most appropriate hosting plan. Joomla allows you to create neat web magazine if we are talking about design and navigation. Your task is to provide high quality content to interest your potential readers.

Choosing Joomla hosting to create an online magazine you need to pay attention to email options. It is quite important thing for your web project marketing especially if you need to connect with your subscribers or plan to send newsletters. Good email hosting is a must to automate various features.

Content Projects

Joomla has enough to offer you with its free templates. Think about your site design and navigation while you also deciding what content will suit it the best of all. Add forum or blog easily with Joomla plugins. Try various versions to find the most appropriate look of your website. With powerful administration panel Joomla allows you to perform document management, order management, multi-lingual content, User management, e-commerce (Shopping cart) as well as enquiry management easily. Choosing Joomla hosting you will have a great administration panel created for your specific requirements.

To learn the basics of Joomla is simple. That’s why this content management system remains to be one of the most popular. Notwithstanding its simplicity it allows you to create any website you want starting from a small site to huge portals, forums and online shops.

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