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1 webhostingukcom
£2.29 5GB Unmetered FREE Review Sign Up
2 uk2net
£1.00 Unmetered Unmetered FREE Review Sign Up
3 Pickaweb
£2.49 5GB 30GB £6.50 Review Sign Up
£2.78 2GB Unmetered FREE Review Sign Up
£1.25 500MB 5GB FREE Review Sign Up

Reliable, secure and fast. Deciding to create your own online store you need a reliable platform to create and manage your website. Magento is used by various famous brands such as Nokia, Lenovo, Samsung, Olympus, etc. This open source eCommerce web application allows you to design a great online store with all your products and goods sorted into easy-to-navigate categories. With Magento web hosting you can provide your customers with multiple payment options and various currencies. Thus, to create international online store is a simple task with Magento. Here are some basic features you need to create a great web store:

  • Marketing Promotions and Tools
  • Catalog Management
  • Catalog Browsing
  • Shipping
  • Payment
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Product Browsing
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Accounts
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Site Management
  • International Support
  • Checkout
  • Order Management

Today you can get Magento web hosting plans with special scripts to install all the necessary features within one click. The other thing is to choose reliable web host that you can trust. You also should consider the best hosting plans that will meet all your requirements with all the superfluous features excluded.

Magento Host Reviews

Here you can find the reviews of the most reliable Magento hosting companies that provide you with interesting plans to appreciate. Check the opinions of other customers, read our reviews and learn some basic information before choosing the hosting package that will be the best for your project.

Magento is powerful enough to provide you with all the necessary features to create a small eShop as well as to create large online store for international customers. You can sell different types of goods or have some specialization to put much effort into. Depending on the aims and size of your project you need to choose appropriate Magento hosting plan. Hope we help you a lot.

Magento eShop Hosting

Disk space, bandwidth, number of MySQL databases, private or shared SSL, dedicated IP address, etc. Do you really need some of these things and what are the limits for your project? Of course, you can get unlimited hosting plan with the most advanced features provided to make things simple. However, whether you really want to pay more for the options you may never use at all?

Depending on your site traffic you should choose between shared, VPS and dedicated hosting plans. Some web developers suppose that to create a great online store from the very start you need to buy VPS or dedicated Magento web hosting package only. They both can provide you with all the necessary features and options to manage and maintain your web site easily. However, such types of hosting are expensive. So, your task is to set your budget and choose the best option. What is more, you always can upgrade in the future when your eCommerce web site will expand.

Choose Magento hosting plan with Cpanel provided. This control panel allows you to manage your domains (if you decide to create several of them), FTP accounts and emails easily. Cpanel control panel is considered to be one of the most popular among the users thanks to its simplicity and plenty of features provided. Even if you have no vast experience in web development, Cpanel helps you to fix various issues without much effort.

Take your time to learn some basics of all the features Magento can offer you. It is necessary to make everything perfect from the very start. Choose catchy domain name, set all the necessary options for SEO rankings, avoid harmful neighbourhood and guarantee secure service with reliable data protection. There are also plenty of SiteBuilders and templates that help you to create a great-looking website with all the necessary features within one click. User-friendly web site help you to attract more customers as well.

Goods Tracking

With Magento hosting solutions you can manage, ship and sell with you online stores easily. You will keep track of data for overall orders, returns and completed orders. You also can create your own database of your previous customers, send newsletters to your potential clients as well as to create your own blog to promote your company and goods.

You and your potential customers can also take advantage of persistent shopping cart. For example, your customers can add a product to their shopping cart at home, then change something using their mobile phone on their walk home and at last submit their order at work using another computer. Thus, you prevent your customers’ frustration when they want to access their shopping cart from multiple browser sessions. It also helps you to provide promotion taking into consideration the previous orders of your customers and encourage them to add items to their shopping card before complete purchase.

To make your customers return to buy more and more you need to have a strong promotional campaign. Track their preferences and purchases to improve your advertisement and create useful and informative newsletters to attract your clients attention as well. Special email accounts and autoresponders provided with Magento hosting help you to manage your email marketing campaign without much effort.

Magento eCommerce Hosting

The other advantage of Magento web hosting is that such plans allow you to create safe online stores with various languages and a wide range of currencies to choose from. Thus, your customers will have enough options to choose from and make their shopping online really pleasant with your online store.

Using Magento you also can process credit card payments easily as well as to track who buys which products and goods. This information will be quite useful when you decide to create your own database and develop promotional campaign to increase your future sales. This process is automated, so you can focus on your business plan and left all other things such as data collecting and analysing to special tools provided.

Magento Portal Hosting

Magento web hosting help you to create a great online store as well as to master and improve your skills in profitable sales. To host a huge portal with plenty of users and goods you need to choose vps or dedicated Magento hosting. Or hosting with private SSL and private IP address. To guarantee safe and secure money transactions and personal data submission is a must for successful eCommerce online business project. Magento hosting plans provide you with all the necessary features and options to guarantee protection from spyware, viruses and hackers. Choosing this type of web hosting you can be sure that your customers’ private data is safe.

Shopping Community

The knowledge rules the world. And the world of eCommerce is not the exception to this rule. Join some shopping community to learn more about various products provided and new offerings in your niche. Expand your own network developing personal relations and becoming a pro in your market. You also will be able to compare prices and share your views about different products and merchants as well.

As a merchant you can use such shopping communities to find more about your own product and niche. With Magento web hosting you can create such portal on your own. Attract more new visitors to join your community providing them with useful info only and easy-to-navigate web site.

Content Sections

There are quite a lot of various shopping carts available, however, Magento remains to be one of the most popular. With its data storage and analytics tools, multiligual platform and plenty of currencies provided, this online shopping cart provides you with all the necessary features to create a reliable and interesting content for your potential customers.

The other great thing about Magento is its community. If you have some questions or just want to share your experience, Magento community provides you with all the necessary information to fix any problems or make your content better. Develop your store on your own with the help of professionals and enthusiasts who adore Magento to make perfect and useful web sites.

Among the various advantages Magento still has some drawbacks. Actually, there is at least one. Magento requires powerful web hosting plan. Of course, it is required for online stores that has great store traffic. In this case you need a dedicated or VPS hosting solution. Your web site will be great looking and functional. But this will include extra cost. Your task is to choose the things that are the best for you.

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