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1 webhostingukcom
£2.29 5GB Unmetered FREE Review Sign Up
2 uk2net
£1.00 Unmetered Unmetered FREE Review Sign Up
3 Pickaweb
£2.49 5GB 30GB £6.50 Review Sign Up
£2.78 2GB Unmetered FREE Review Sign Up
£1.25 500MB 5GB FREE Review Sign Up

To create your personal blog or small website without a vast experience in web programming, you need some tools to help you. WordPress UK hosting can be the best solution in this case. Being one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) of today, WordPress provides you with various themes and plugins as well as easy-to-navigate control panel. WordPress is considered to be the simplest CMS if compare with such well-known brands as Joomla or Drupal. If your aim is to create a small static website, WordPress hosting plan will be quite enough.

WordPress Host Reviews

WordPress is free open source application and you can create your blog for free. However, it is better to choose some WordPress UK hosting plan that offers you to register your own domain name so that no one will be able to delete it. Today almost all hosting service providers offer you special packages with WordPress scripts available.

To install and register with WordPress takes one click and several minutes. Just check whether the hosting plan you have chosen provides you with control panel included. Usually, you will be offered Cpanel or Plesk. Sometimes hosting companies can offer you their own control panels to use. Anyway, the best choice will be Cpanel. This control panel is considered to be the best among its numerous users and provide you with the opportunity to manage and maintain your blog or website easily.

Cpanel includes such features as domains management, emails accounts management, FTP accounts, SSL, etc. User-friendly interface allows even the beginners to feel confident in their actions and perform all the necessary tasks in no time. Point-and-click interfaces are the things that make Cpanel as well as WordPress so popular in the world of site creation.

WordPress Blog Hosting

WordPress is considered to be the best platform for creating a blog. It is simple and contains enough themes and plugins to create great-looking website with constantly updating content. You also can manage several web sites with WordPress UK hosting plans. To add new categories, publish new posts, add videos and photos as well as to receive feedback from your visitors is easy with WordPress. There are no special skills required. What is more, even if some problems occur, WordPress has one of the most helpful online community.

Today you can choose the cheapest Worpress hosting plan that provides you with the most limited options. Of course, if your aim is to host 1 website to entertain your family members and friends, such hosting package can be enough. However, if you are intending to create something bigger to develop your business or increase your sales, you need to choose among special business or eCommerce hosting plans. Usually, such plans contain several domains allowed to host up to unlimited option, more MySQL databases as well as IP address available for extra fee.

Personal Blog Host

Creating your personal blog you still want more people know about it. You can choose WordPress hosting with special SEO tools provided. There are also some hosting plans that include such option as submission to various trustworthy directories. You always can start with the simplest hosting plan that provides you with the basic features to create a useful and entertaining blog. As soon as your project becomes something bigger than just a personal blog to please your soul you can upgrade to the more sophisticated hosting plan within the same WordPress hosting provider.

Corporate Blog Host

To host multiple sites with WordPress hosting is also possible. Of course, such sites should be simple enough. However, it doesn’t mean that choosing WordPress you will not be able to create a great-looking web site. With plenty of themes to choose from as well as various plugins you can develop really amazing web site that attracts a lot of visitors only thanks to its design. WordPress also allows you to create a web site and a blog within the same hosting plan. Thus, you can combine static content with constantly updated pages. Just set your aims and various tools provided by WordPress help you to achieve your so desired goal.

WordPress eCommerce Hosting

Choosing WordPress hosting plan for eCommerce project you need to pay attention to several things that are necessary to create secure environment for your potential customers. All the data submitted by your visitors including their address, name, email and credit card details should be protected. In this case you definitely need SSL certificate. Such certificate enables to encrypt all the data submitted by your customers protecting it from harmful viruses or hackers.

There are private and shared SSL certificates available. Depending on the web hosting plan you have chosen you will get SSL certificate included or available for extra fee only. As a rule, more advanced hosting plans offer you SSL included. It can be shared hosting, VPS hosting or dedicated hosting plans as well. However, to guarantee stable work of your eCommerce website you should choose VPS or dedicated hosting plan.

WordPress Portal Hosting

Deciding to create an online store with WordPress may seem to be the best solution if we are talking about cost effectiveness, however the same can’t be said about various features and applications provided. Of course, WordPress has some limitations when it relates to huge shopping portal, but if you don’t have a great budget to use Magento, it is still possible to take advantage of WordPress hosting to the utmost and create really good online shop to make profits.

For example, if you just want to sell some products online with the help of your website that will collect the payment via PayPal or Credit Cards, you have enough shopping plugins that can be installed on your WordPress account. If that’s enough, choose this type of hosting without hesitation. To create a complete shopping portal with special features, multiple payment options, several currencies available as well as customer data analysing tools require a custom-programmed site. In this case WordPress may not be too powerful to meet all your requirements.

Online Magazines

If writing is your passion and you want to show the other people the world as you see it, to create online magazine is a must. WordPress can be the best solution in this case. All you need is a reliable CMS with catchy templates to attract readers as well as easy-to-use panel to update your daily or weekly articles without problems. It is necessary to leave more time for research and writing new topics. Make most daily tasks automated with special WordPress plugins and enjoy the creative part of your work.

You also can collect all the necessary data about your subscribers to provide them with more useful and relevant information as well as to attract their attention with newsletters. In this case you need strong skills in email marketing to know what things are interesting for your potential readers. WordPress hosting just help you to manage numerous email accounts and adjust autoresponders to make the things work faster.

Online Communities

Wordpess can also be used as a great management tool to create online community. It can be forum or your blog where other people can express their emotions and share their opinion concerning the field they are interested in. Sometimes such online communities attract people to have a great time and make your site popular. To sell your goods or service is the next step in creating such type of sites. First of all, you need to create a reliable portal with plenty of users and good reputation. It may take time, but it is worth the future benefits.

WordPress hosting provides you with all the necessary features to create a decent social site with amazing graphics, easy-to-navigate design and special tools to monitor your visitors. There are also various special forums visited by WordPress professionals and enthusiasts who are ready to help you in case you have some question concerning web site design or functionality. Just spend some time to learn the basics and create really profitable project.

Content Projects

To preview content before publishing, to make some changes in your posts on regular basis, to create a wide range of categories as well as to use special SEO tools provided. All these help you to do your best with WordPress hosting solution.

Today you also can appreciate various SiteBuilder tools that offer you several ready-to-use templates for your website. Some of them require extra cost added to your WordPress hosting plan price, while others are absolutely free. It can be a good decision for those who has no experience in web design or just don’t want or can’t spend some time on creating a web site content with numerous WordPress plugins. Anyway, being one of the easiest CMS to use, WordPress provides you with all the necessary features to create a website on your own even if you are a beginner in this world of online content.

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