Best UK Dedicated Hosting Companies

Rank Provider Price Disk Space Bandwidth Domain Review Sign Up
1 webhostingukcom
£2.29 5GB Unmetered FREE Review Sign Up
2 uk2net
£1.00 Unmetered Unmetered FREE Review Sign Up
3 Pickaweb
£2.49 5GB 30GB £6.50 Review Sign Up
£2.78 2GB Unmetered FREE Review Sign Up
£1.25 500MB 5GB FREE Review Sign Up

UK Dedicated server hosting offers you to get the whole server for your web project. All possible services are included into Dedicated server solutions. This type of hosting allows you to forget all limits, bad neighbourhood, slow connection and many other problems. Instead you will get a dedicated IP address in the UK, custom configuration, full root access, unlimited MySQL databases and many other features.

To choose the best UK Dedicated hosting solution you need to decide upon several important points. First, find out if the server you will purchase should work with Linux or Windows. Then choose between managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting packages. You can, for example, make a list of web host companies that provide the servers of your type. With that list you can check the prices and feedback to make the best decision.

UK hosting is the best solution for your projects targeted at UK users. The country of hosting influences the search engine optimization. If you want to get reliable hosting with fast connection speed you will also choose a UK-based server. When you choose dedicated services in the UK, you get access to different customer-tailored services. These services are very important for targeting your clients well.

Why You Need Dedicated Server Hosting?

There are many reasons why people prefer dedicated servers. The most common of them is the amount of data you can host and process on the server. If your project grew big, and now needs bigger storage, you can purchase dedicated server hosting that will not only store all your data, but also process it with great speed.

Dedicated servers can work with Windows or Linux. By choosing the operating system you can get access to any type of database needed for the project. Note that dedicated hosting gives you enough disk space along with many other options to develop your project. That’s why your database, no matter how big it is, will work perfect with all special features of dedicated servers.

If you want to keep a whole server at hand, dedicated hosting will be your best choice. This type of web hosting allows you to control any process that happens on your server. Of course, this is quite time-consuming, but you can always order managed dedicated hosting, and give maintenance and support problems to the expert’s hands.

Dedicated server hosting lets you adjust the system to all your requirements. You need to do this if your web project has some special features that can not be regulated by standard hosting management. You can do it only by purchasing an unmanaged dedicated hosting plan.

Cheap UK Dedicated Hosting Myth

Today you can find many offers of dedicated UK hosting on the web. Some of them suggest you incredibly small prices for the same range of services. There exist two big myths about the reasons of low dedicated server prices. We suggest you to find out more about the myths of big bandwidth and providers with no setup fee.

The first myth is common among companies with cheap UK hosting. They claim to give you the incredible bandwidths like 1200 GB for a low monthly fee. Actually, these providers cheat as they rely on the fact that their clients mostly do not use the full bandwidth. Normally this kind of companies is not really reliable as they sell one service pack to several clients at once.

The second myth says that UK providers offering you cheap hosting without any setup fee are the best choice. These web host companies claim to have perfect service, but in fact they can not give what they promise. Some of UK companies have really ventured a little to enter the market, and now can afford lower prices. Anyway, even these providers risk their security and stable servers work.

Windows vs Linux Dedicated Servers

Different hosting companies suggest you to work with Windows or Linux dedicated hosting. You can act two ways. The first way is to choose a platform for your site correspondingly with your demands, and then choose the best hosting system that will support your site properly. The second way is to choose the platform you like more, and after that to adjust all your programming to the server type you chose.

Both these ways work nowadays, so it only depends on you. In any case, we advise you to analyze all advantages and disadvantages of Windows- and Linux-based dedicated hosting before making any decision. Both systems have a lot of advantages, but also may cause you some inconveniences, so it’s better to keep some basic information in mind when you make decisions that influence your project a lot.

If you choose Linux Dedicated Hosting, you will get many interesting options. Using MySQL, PHP or Perl will give you more joy with Linux-based servers. The main advantage of this web hosting platform is that it is open source. It means you can change the operating system depending on the requirements of the project. Also, this makes Linux much cheaper, as no license fee is charged.

Linux-based web site is very flexible. It can be transmitted to Windows platform in case of need. Also, it is easy to adjust a site hosted on Linux server to constantly growing projects. If your site will need a database, it is better to use Linux. With it you can use relative systems like mSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL. These database types allow you to improve the functioning speed of your site.

Windows-based dedicated hosting also gives you many interesting advantages. First of all, you get a possibility to use the recently popular .NET technologies like ASP. Windows also is a very good choice for projects with big databases. Even if these databases work with Linux platform, they will normally function better with Windows hosting.

If you plan to use Access databases in your web site, you will need Windows dedicated hosting – this is the only system with this type of data storage. Also, Microsoft Sharepoint services will work only with Windows-based servers, so if you need some special modules working with this technology, Windows Dedicated Server is your best choice.

CPanel UK Dedicated Hosting

CPanel Dedicated hosting gives you a lot of ready solutions that will make your site management easier. Control Panels are usually purchased for extra fee, but UK-based Dedicated Hosting solutions usually suggest you CPanel as a part of package. If you buy Dedicated Hosting with CPanel, you take two goods at once: a dedicated server and a good instrument for managing it.

CPanel is a separate module working with your site and helping you administer it more efficiently. Control Panels contain many solutions for common tasks that can arise while developing and improving your site. For instance, you may need to create several emails for a certain site. For this you can program everything manually, or make a couple of clicks in a CPanel, and save a lot of time.

Unlimited Dedicated UK Hosting

Unlimited Dedicated hosting plans seem to be the ideal invention of mankind. They provide you with everything you need. When you purchase Unlimited Dedicated UK Hosting you get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases and even unlimited domains. Anyway, you should consider all pros and cons before buying an unlimited dedicated hosting solution.

This type of servers is the best option for fast-growing projects that accumulate and manage a lot of content all the time. Also, you can purchase unlimited hosting if you plan to make your project really big. This is one of the most expensive solutions among the dedicated servers offers in the UK, but you won’t have to worry about the numbers with it.

Managed Hosting Plans

Managed hosting plans suggest you to delegate managing and administering your hosting to professionals. Most hosting companies have reliable experts, who know how to treat their own servers the best way. Managed hosting plans will suggest you standard solutions, but they can be used in 90% of cases. You will get only some basic functions of your hosting plan.

One of the most important features of managed hosting servers is that they are constantly tested. This allows you to omit the problems in case your server is down. Managed dedicated hosting plans will save a lot of your time and efforts. This solution is the best way to invest time into the improvement of your site instead of managing it.

Unmanaged Hosting Packages

Not so long ago it was impossible to buy a server that wouldn’t be managed by the hosting provider. Now there appear projects that need individual hosting administration. For this you need an unmanaged dedicated server. If you purchase this type of hosting, you will have to take care of its functioning yourself. This includes safety management, software updating, troubleshooting, maintenance and development.

This is quite a serious range of duties, but they also allow you to adjust the server to your precise needs. Also, unmanaged hosting packages save your money. You only purchase a dedicated server, and no other hosting company services are provided. With unmanaged hosting you will spend more time on supporting the server, but the money you save can make big use for developing the project.

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