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How To Use WordPress Themes?

Today, in the times of hi-tech available for anyone, you can do almost anything. Even create a sites yourself. You only need to purchase the hosting you like, and install a CMS platform. The CMS platform works like a constructor — you choose the modules you need, and unite them into a whole system. This way you can create a nice website really fast and without any problems.

One of the most popular CMS platforms is WordPress. Most users like it for easy controls, numerous themes and a lot of functional plugins. After installing WordPress you’ll need only a couple of clicks to select a theme for your future web site. You can find a lot of options for different purposes — for eCommerce, blogs, photo galleries, news portals, etc.

How to Choose One Column WordPress Themes?

One of the most popular WordPress Theme Types is One Column Theme. This means the main part of every page on your site will consist of only one block. However, you can fill this block with different content. This can be text, photos, videos, link blocks, widgets, and a lot more. The opportunities you get with One Column WordPress Themes are almost endless. Just be creative!

Normally, one column themes are used for blogs, photo galleries and promo sites. So, if you are planning to create this kind of site, you should pay special attention to one column WordPress themes. Anyway, the imagination has no limits, and you can even find online shops working in one column format. If you like a certain one column theme, you can always adjust it to your demands.

Get Best One Column Themes for WordPress

If you browse the web you can find a lot of One Column WordPress Theme offers. They are available at the official WordPress web site, at numerous theme galleries, and in lots of thematic blogs. However, when you’ll start the search, you’ll see that there are so many one column themes that it’s really hard to make the final choice.

That’s why we have created a chart of Best One Column WordPress Themes for you:

Top 20 1 Column WordPress Themes?

  1. Paralax
  2. Tungstenation
  3. Satoshi
  4. Imbalance
  5. Wootique
  6. Minimatica
  7. Responsive
  8. Shuttershot
  9. MyCorp
  10. Stilbruch
  11. Vostok
  12. Manifest
  13. Balita
  14. Blissful Blog
  15. Trending
  16. Melville
  17. Minimo
  18. Grid Portfolio
  19. Spectacular
  20. Pinboard

You can be sure that any of these themes is reliable and has all important functions. As we have already mentioned above, most of one column themes are good for blogs and photo galleries. However, be original, and try to make a special site based this format. You can afford it with the numerous theme functions and thousands of useful WordPress plugins.

Also, notice that many of the themes on the list are responsive. This means they can adjust to different screen widths. This is quite important in the modern world of numerous mobile devices. And don’t forget that some WordPress Themes are free, and some are paid. However from among One Column WordPress Themes you can find a lot of those you don’t need to pay for.

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